What should I expect from this service?
  • Our "Advanced Customization" package covers the needs of every website owner that wants additional features and customizations not included in the actual theme. You will get a tailored website that fits your requirements, no matter how demanding.
How can I require a free consultation?
  • To put our development team on your case for a free diagnosis, compile the form below, describing the feature that you would like to have. The more information you write, the better and quicker our team will be back to you with an estimate of the costs.
What are the prerequisites for this service?
  • You should have already purchased, installed and activated one of the Sparrow&Snow themes. The theme itself is not included in the Advanced Customization package.
What if the new functionality that I want, is already included in my website/theme, but I didn't know it?
  • For many reasons, it can happen that you are not wholly informed about the potentialities of WordPress or of a Sparrow&Snow theme. If you require a feature that is already included in the theme, we will be happy to show you where to find it, without charging you anything for the pleasant discovery.
Will my customizations be lost when I update the theme?
  • Not at all! We will use a child-theme when we make our edits so that you'll be able to update the main theme without losing any custom feature.

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