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How to install WordPress on my website

To install WordPress on your website is very easy, also without specific technical knowledge. Most hosting services (for example Siteground), have a 1-click WordPress install option that will let you setup your WP site in seconds. If that’s your case, you can already “push that button” and jump to our next article: How to install my WP theme. If your hosting provider doesn’t have this option, read on!

The procedure we are going to explain in this article is based on the official 5-Minute WordPress Installation that you can find on this page. Our version contains some friendly advice, additional links, and our personal recommendations. If you want to go more into the details, we recommend you to check the website.

Step 1 – Check the Requirements

The first thing to do is to check that your web host has the minimum requirements to run WordPress. You will find an updated list of Requirements on this page, together with a useful pre-compiled letter that you can send to your host to ask for the right information. We love pre-compiled letters … they save so much time!

Step 3 – Create a Database on your web server

A MySQL Database is a bunch of tables where all your website information will be stored (except images, media and system files that will be stored directly on your hosting space). You don’t need to do anything fancy at this point, except creating a new empty database. WordPress will do the rest for you automatically. One of the easiest ways to create a new database is with PhpMyAdmin, a popular web-based interface for managing MySQL databases. Most hosting providers have a phpMyAdmin panel that you can find inside your administrator area. You can find the detailed instructions on how to use phpMyAdmin in the section “Using phpMyAdmin” at this page (

Step 4 – Upload the WordPress files on your web server

For this part, you’ll need an FTP client like FileZilla (free), Coda or Cyberduck. After inserting the information of your hosting and having established a connection, you will just have to install the unzipped WordPress files you downloaded in Step 2, in the main directory of your web space or in a sub-folder (for example in case of a sub-domain).

Step 5 – Run the Installation

Access the URL of your website in a web browser and follow the instructions to run the WordPress installation. For this step, you will need the name of the database you created in Step 3 and the database password.

The End! Now WordPress should be correctly installed and ready to go. If you have any problems or want to know more about the complete procedure, don’t forget to check the detailed instructions at the official website:

In the next article “How to install a WordPress theme” we will guide you through the installation of one Sparrow&Snow WordPress theme.

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