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hosting recomandations

Hosting Recommendations

After having decided your domain name, it’s time to choose the right hosting provider. A good web hosting service will give you the space necessary to host all the components of your new website, making it available 24/7 to your audience, ideally without interruptions.

You should consider some important factors, before choosing your new online landowner. In particular:

  1. Be sure that the provider supports WordPress. You will need it in case you want to install one of our WordPress themes. Some hosting services also have 1-click WordPress install services that will facilitate the process of installation and make you save time.
  2. Shared Hosting versus Dedicated Server Hosting. The difference between the two is mainly about speed and price. This choice depends entirely on the size of your website and the number of visitors you have. Shared Hostings are cheaper, slower and work well enough for most of the small-medium sites out there. As the name suggests, you will share your server with other websites. Dedicated Server Hostings instead are more expensive but can manage a larger amount of traffic without affecting the experience of your users, because the server will be assigned only to your website.
  3. Customer Support. Before even considering to give your money to a hosting provider, search in google if they have good reviews and offer a robust and reliable customer support. There will be many reasons for which you’ll have to get in contact with them, so just be sure that whenever it happens, it will be fast and effortless.
  4. Avoid strangely cheap hosting services (less than 3$ per month). You will inevitably discover why they are so cheap, down the road. Usually, the first things they cut to have this low prices are customer service and site protection. Not recommended.

If you feel lost in the jungle of Hosting Providers, fear not. We had the chance to test many of them over the years, and this is ourΒ  favorite, according to value and services offered:

Ad - Web Hosting SiteGround - Creato per semplificare la gestione del sito. Clicca per scoprire di piΓΉ.

We like Siteground, which offers excellent customer support, 1-click WordPress installer and fair pricing. Our own website is hosted there, so if you don’t have time to lose, go for it. If you have some spare time to explore alternatives, please let us know the results of your research in the comments below!

In the next article “How to install WordPress” we will guide you through the installation of our favorite CMS.

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