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Mesa - Social Kit

Simple guide to using our Mesa - Social Kit


  1. Once you open the PSD file, locate the “Elements” group and toggle the visibility of the paper size group (s) you’d like to use. Within the paper size group, double-click the “Image” thumbnail layer, paste your design into the window that opens + resize if necessary and then save the file (your image will be applied to the mockup).
    The initial opacity of the “Texture” layer can be adjusted as you see fit.
    Paper size and elements groups can be rearranged.
  2. Locate the “Tape” group to change the color of the tape.
  3. To change the background, locate the “Background” group, then either toggle the visibility of one of the seven “Background Image” layers
  4. The visibility/opacity of the “Adjustments” group can be modified.


This group adds a touch of realism to the mockup through a filter with light warm tones and an opaque brightness effect.

Free font required

It’s generally a good idea to install the following free fonts before opening your files in Photoshop so that you will have zero problems in editing your texts 😉

Georgia: (Sistem Font)

Pritty Pen: