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Carousel Post Templates

Simple guide to using carousel social media templates


The Carousel Post Templates will allow you to create a collection of posts that will flow seamlessly under your finger while swiping left in the Instagram carousel.

This tutorial will show you how to export split carousels with CANVA and Photoshop, ready to be uploaded to your instagram account


With canva, you need to export your entire layout as you see from this screenshot.
Press the “download” button at the top left and by deselecting the “all pages” chack-box, you will have the possibility to select only the layouts that interest you.

Finally, press the “Done” button.

After exporting the layout you have to go to this link which will allow you to divide the layout into sections. see the screenshot to understand the steps.


When opening the designs in Photoshop, the file will look like a long horizontal stripe. The artboard is sliced in single tiles (width of 1080px), for a max of 5 single posts. In order to visualize the slices you have two options:

  • Show Guides (View > Show > Guides)
  • Select the Slice tool from the Tools panel
Tutorial image for Instagram Carousel showcasing the process of cropping the layout to upload it to the Instagram app and create a carousel.

Place your images using the Smart Objects

As you open the layouts, you’ll be able to navigate the ‘Layers’ panel where every element can be selected and edited.

To place your images follow these steps:

  • In the Layer panel, select the ‘Your Image’ Smart Object, and double click on it. 
  • Drop your photo in the new window > Hit Save (cmd + s / ctrl + s)
  • Go back to the main design window > Your image is now placed in the layout
Tutorial image for creating an Instagram Carousel, demonstrating how to crop the layout for uploading it to the Instagram app and creating the carousel
Tutorial image for using Smart Objects in the Analog Instagram Carousel, demonstrating how to efficiently customize and update the carousel images

Editing Texts

Editing texts  is really straight-forward, simply double-click on the text box and type in your own content.

The Photoshop interface will allow you to easily change the font, pick colours, edit size & spacing.

Exporting your Designs

To export your design in separate tiles, simply click on File > Export > Save For Web

You will be able to click on each single slice and select the format (For best results, we suggest to export Jpg High or Maximum Quality)

Hit the ‘Save…’ button, choose the destination folder, and you will export the gallery, pixel perfect and ready for the Instagram upload.

Tutorial image for exporting the Analog Instagram Carousel template in Photoshop, showcasing step-by-step instructions on how to save and export the carousel for use on Instagram
Tutorial image for the second step of exporting the Analog Instagram Carousel template in Photoshop, demonstrating the specific export settings and options for optimal results

To divide the mesa carousel equally, we recommend using this simple free software

Tutorial: Dividing Instagram Carousel Template with Free Tools