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Adobe XD Templates

Simple guide to using social media templates with adobe XD



Adobe XD is completely free and works with both Mac and Windows.

Follow this link to download the desktop version

We also suggest to install the app on your mobile devices.

Apple — Google Play

Templates structure

As you open an XD file you will find all the artboards within the same window. This is very helpful to create and preview a set of consistent designs, as well as to export in batch the desired layouts as .jpg or .png

The app is very intuitive to use,  with a few main elements that you need to be familiar with: images, texts and shapes.


Placing your Images

The templates come with pre-built areas where you can drop in your images with ease, straight from any folder on your computer. Just drag and drop your photos to place or replace them. In order to change the size or positioning, double click on the image and use the handles to perform any adjustments.

Images with Texture Overlays

Some layouts feature an overlay texture.

To edit these layouts follow these steps:

  1. — Select the overlay texture
  2. — Go to Object > Arrange > Send to back
  3. — Drop your photo in the image box
  4. — Select the photo and push it below the texture Object > Arrange > Send to back
  5. — Done!

Editing Texts

Editing texts in Adobe XD is really straight-forward, simply double-click on the text box and type in your own content.

In Adobe XD sidebar all the options to easily change the font, pick colours, edit size & spacing. Any fonts can be used as long as they are installed on your computer.

Exporting your Designs


To export your finished designs from the desktop go to File > Export > Selected… or All Artboards…

You’ll be able to select the file format (jpg, png, pdf) and the layouts you wish to export.


With Adobe XD you can connect your phone and preview the designs in real time.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. — Download the app, launch it and sign in
  2. – Connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable
  3. — Open an XD file on the computer
  4. — From the mobile app click on ‘Live Preview’
  5. — Boom, anything you do on the computer is happening on the phone in real time
  6. — You can now screenshot and save the images straight to your gallery


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