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Font Licenses

General Overview

License Features
Personal Projects
Commercial Projects
Full Characters Set
Social Media
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Digital Ads
Web Embed
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Exclusive License
We make font licensing simple, so you can focus on your creative work! Have more questions?
Custom & Enterprise Licenses
In addition to our standard options, we offer flexible licensing for server use, OEM, software vendors and more. Get in touch with us and we’ll work out a custom license together.
Please Mind
Prohibited use

These rules apply to all purchased items, fonts and freebies. They apply to items bought under all licenses as well as freebies and products downloaded under personal license. Please take time to read this list of prohibited uses carefully, and keep in mind that these basic guidelines apply to all of our products under any circumstances.


Font Licenses

What font formats do you provide?

That depends on the font you are purchasing. You can see the available formats in the page dedicated to single fonts. 

Can you design a custom font for me?

We usually don’t do client work, as we’re very busy creating high-quality assets, mockups and fonts for our shop. But we’re interested in joining projects we like, so please get in touch with us!

Can i share the font i bought with the members of my team?

That depends on the license you just bought. Have a look at the table at the top of this page to see the number of seats allowed for each license. If you don-t see a solution that feeds your needs, get in contact with us for a custom license. 

I am working on a project for a client. Who buys the license, me or the client?

The license of the typeface, along with other tools you need for design work, should be bought by the designer herself/himself. The client will buy a finished product and is not supposed to work on the typeface himself. The advantage here is that designers can use the same font on multiple projects.


If the client wants a copy of the typeface files, then the license must be bought in his name. In this case, you won’t be allowed to use the font after the completion of this client’s project or on any other projects you are working on.


Personal/Demo License

This license is intended for non-commercial projects and activities that do not have the potential to generate monetary gain. Fonts purchased under this license may not be used in connection with any business, organization (profit or non-profit), or for creating end products for sale.

What take a deeper look?
Read the Full License Terms page

What do you mean by Personal Use?

All our fonts are available in DEMO version for free use. Our font demos can be used in all projects that do not imply an exchange of money. The free font version does not include the full characters set, which can be obtained by buying one of the commercial versions of the font, according to the needs of your project.

Can I use your free fonts for my Instagram feed?

If the Instagram account you refer to is a personal one (as opposed to a business account) then you can surely use our demo fonts! Enjoy

What is thee difference between a demo and a premium font?

For all fonts designed by the Indieground team we offer a demo version, that anyone can try for free on personal projects (meaning projects with no monetary gain). The demo versions of fonts only include regular letters and numbers, while all premium fonts include the complete character set.

Can I use the free version of your font for an end product?

No, if you want to use a font for a project with monetary gain (to use in an artwork you are going to sell, for printing on an End Product, for Social Media ads, etc), you will need to buy the appropriate font license. 

Can I use your demo fonts for client work?

No. For any kind of client work you will have to buy a license. In this page you should find sufficient information to be able to choose right license for the project you are going to work on. 


Commercial License

Fonts bought under this license can be used in all kinds of commercial projects. This includes projects that involve the sale of unlimited physical and digital End Products, packaging for physical End Products, Social Media Ad campaigns and traditional print ad campaigns. Even if you are using the same font, you should buy a commercial license for every single project you work on.

What take a deeper look?
Read the Full License Terms page

Should I use this license for both physical and digital end products?

Yes. This license can be used in many different kinds of design projects with a monetary gain, including physical and digital End Products. By this we mean that this license is ok if you want to print on a mug, as well as if you are designing a cover for a digital music album.

Is there a limit to the number of digital end products I can produce?

No, you can use this font on unlimited End Products, both digital and physical. However, you can only use this license for one projects. If you embark in another commercial project you will have to buy one more license, even if you are using the same font.

Can I use this font for Social Media Ads?

Yes, you can create fantastic artwork for business social media channels, as well as for social media campaigns. You don't have to worry about reach or impression limits, with this license you are covered. 

Can I use this font in a project for a client?

Yes. As mentioned before you will have to buy a commercial license for each different project you work on (even if you are using the same font). Good luck with your client!


WebFont License

Fonts bought under this license can be used on one single website with unlimited page views. Under this license font files have to be included in the CSS code and utilised as dynamic text through @font-face. This way the font will not be downloadable by 3rd parties. This license does not apply to games, apps and ebooks.

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How many domains can I use the licensed fonts on?

A single license permits the use of fonts on one domain only. Get in contact with us if you plan to use it on multiple websites and we can work out a custom license together.

How do I embed the font in my CSS files?

We have created a quick guide on how to do this. You will find it at the bottom of the page in our guides section. 

Why do I need do embed the font and use @font-face?

This way, you will make sure that the font is not easy to download from 3rd paties, who could have access to it from your files.

Can I use this font for an artwork I will display on my website?

This license covers you only on one website only, what we mean is that it cannot be used to create graphics, logos, or artworks for use as End Products, digital or physical advertising and promotion, or on social media. If you plan to do so, you will need a commercial license as well.

Are there any further restrictions to the uses of this font license?

Yes. This license is valid for one website only, and cannot be used for other web applications, like games, apps or ebooks. At the top of this page we also state a list of prohibited uses that we invite you to read.


Ebook License

The licensed font can be used for one eBook title. The license allows for the title to be distributed in an unlimited number of platforms, in an unlimited number of copies. The font need to be embedded in epubs, and cannot be extractable. It is not suitable for apps, websites and games.

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Read the Full License Terms page

Is there a limit to the amount of epub copies I can sell under this license?

No, you can sell an unlimited number of copies with this license, and use an unlimited number of platforms to do so. Keep in mind that the license is valid for one title only.

I have a to publish a series of eBooks and I would like to use your font across all of them. What should I do?

In this case you should buy a license for each of the eBooks you are planning to publish. Before you do that, we suggest you get in contact with us to discuss a custom license.

What are the limits of usage of this license?

This license can be used for one publication only, and that does not include games, websites, or marketing materials connected to the publication. Even more importantly, all the general prohibited uses listed on at the top of this page are to be respected. We recommend you have a look at those before making any purchases. 

I am designing an eBook for a client, can I keep the font after the project is over?

Sure, you can keep the font after the project is over. Keep in mind tho that the license for that font is connected to the one single eBook you already published. You will have to buy a new license for using it on any future projects. 


App License

The licensed font can be used in one single application, including desktop apps, games, and mobile apps – the font can be embedded in the app, but must be non-extractable. Under this license, apps can be sold on an unlimited number of platforms, in unlimited number of downloads.

What take a deeper look?
Read the Full License Terms page

What are the limits to the usage of fonts under this license?

When buying a font under App License you have to keep in mind that the font is connected to one single App. On top of that, you have to make sure that embedded fonts are not extractable and hence easily downloadable from 3rd parties.

Can I sell the font to a client?

No, selling fonts or there assets to 3rd parties goes against our general guidance. For each App you work on, you or your client have to buy a license.

What is the difference between a desktop app and a mobile app?

The main difference is that desktop apps are developed to be used on mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets which use a touchscreen technology. Opposite to that, desktop apps are developed to be working on desktop computers and run on their operating systems.

Can I sell the app I developed on the App Store or on Google Play?

Sure, you can sell the app with the embedded but non-extractable font on all platforms and in unlimited copies. Good luck!


Broadcast License

Under this license fonts can be used on all the necessary workstations for pre-production and real time rendering of broadcasting materials, including TV, cinema titling,  and all other assets connected to one title. The license covers international sales on unlimited distribution platforms.

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Read the Full License Terms page

I am working on a broadcasting projects that involves the production of End Products as marketing materials. Will this license cover for both activities?

No, this license will cover the usage of the font connected to the making of the video materials only. If you wish to use it for the production of End Products, it will need to buy a commercial license as well. However, we recommend you get in contact with before you do that, to see if we can create a custom license together.

After the production of the film the font will be used by a design studio to produce marketing materials. Do they need a new license?

Yes, this license covers only the production of the film and its distribution. For any other use, you should buy an extra license - please find the one that suits your needs among the ones listed on this page.

I am using the font for a series of YouTube videos. Do I need to buy a license for each one of them?

In this case we recommend you get in touch with us, and we'll discuss what is the best solution for your project.

Can I share the font with my suppliers?

The font can be used for the production of one title only, and it cannot be shared with your suppliers. If you need to do so, please get in contact with us and we will create a custom license for you.

Font Licenses

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